Our Work
The ACME Board of Commissioners adopted a new strategic plan for 2021, 2022 and 2023. During the next three years, our work will embody a new strategic framework that includes new core values, vision, and mission. We will work in multiple ways to make progress towards our vision and achieve our mission. We have set five strategic goals, each with clearly defined objectives.

By keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion as central considerations, we will multiply our impact and make broader advances in midwifery education. We will work with partners who share our vision, build on previous success, and create spaces for valiant conversations. The midwifery community is strong and vibrant; and we are confident our new framework will lead to even more achievements and the next level of excellence. 

ACME envisions a world in which there are no barriers to excellence, diversity, equity, and inclusion in midwifery education.


The mission of ACME is to establish the standard for high-quality, inclusive midwifery education through criteria assessment, program guidance, and granting of nationally recognized accreditation. ACME accredited programs prepare midwives with the knowledge, professionalism, and abilities to provide competent and compassionate care.

Core Values

We are committed to building a community that embodies practices and policies that increase access to and advance equity in educational and practice settings.


We strive to be fair, honest, and ethical in our actions and decisions.


We hold ourselves openly accountable to our consumers and community.


We strive to create a culture of growth and uphold our standards of excellence in everything we do.


We believe the success of our work relies on fostering strong relationships, effective collaborations, and passionate partnerships in the midwifery, academic, and global community.