Accreditation Criteria

The ACME Board of Commissioners establishes criteria/standards for accreditation and preaccreditation that are sufficiently rigorous. Our criteria effectively address the quality of midwifery programs in key areas that are measures of quality teaching and learning, effective administrative practices and lead to optimal student achievement. 

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Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM)

ACME accreditation is guided by a comprehensive set of policies and procedures. The PPM provides the composition of ACME, procedures that programs must follow when applying for accreditation or preaccreditation, eligibility requirements and so much more. 

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Accreditation Actions/Decisions

The ACME Board of Review (BOR) makes ongoing decisions regarding the preaccreditation or accreditation status of midwifery programs. The BOR utilizes a comprehensive approach to evaluate a program’s compliance with the criteria before reaching a decision to accredit, preaccredit or take an applicable action and makes available each decision/action through public.

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Call for Public Comments

In accordance with USED requirements, ACME provides public notice when an institution or program is being considered for accreditation or preaccreditation; and provides an opportunity for written third-party comments concerning the institution’s or program’s qualifications for accreditation or preaccreditation. To learn more about submitting comments for a program, please send an email to [email protected].

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ACME Bylaws

The ACME Bylaws, are specific to ACME, and guide the general governance of the organization.

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This document provides the fees associated with ACME accreditation.

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